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– Pamela


I capture the spirit of the people and pets that you love in pastels for you to share.

Once upon a time, hiring an artist to create a portrait of yourself, your family or a beloved pet was the only way to capture likeness. Now, with powerful digital cameras in our pockets, we can take photos and share them around the world instantly. It is amazing! And yet… with snapshots everywhere, we rarely really look at them and appreciate them. They languish on hard drives and phones, in the cloud, or perhaps printed and put in an album.

An original piece of artwork is special, a unique gift or way of celebrating a favourite memory and cherishing the people and pets we care about. To be hung on a wall in our homes, remembered and shared.

Below you can find tips for what makes a good reference photo to work from, prices and information about how ordering a portrait works. Please ask if you have any questions.


Please use the Order Form or email me directly ( to tell me about your portrait.

Initially, I’d like to know:

  • How many people or animals you’d like in the picture
  • Who they are (e.g. babies, children, adults, dogs, cats, horses, wildlife)
  • The size of the portrait – this can be decided later if you are undecided
  • If you are hoping to have it completed for a particular occasion (order well in advance, especially for December gifts)

This begins a conversation about the specifics of the portrait. I’ll ask to see the reference photographs you’d like me to work from and you can tell me a bit more about the personality of the subject(s), the overall feel/impression you’d like the portrait to capture, your ideas for the background and any colour preferences/aversions! I might request more photographs or information and I will make suggestions to achieve the best portrait possible.

I often share work in progress on my website and social media pages, or on artist groups. If your project is a surprise gift and you do not wish me to share the work digitally until the gift is received, please let me know at the planning stage as this may affect when I schedule it.

Once we’ve agreed on the layout and size of the artwork, I will get back to you with the price and expected time frame.  If you would like to order the artwork, you will pay a non-refundable deposit of 40%. I’ll add the project to my schedule. Once I think the portrait is complete, I’ll email you a photograph of it to you for approval. When you are happy with it I will send you an invoice for the remaining cost and postage & packing and send it to you after payment is received.

Quality photographs are essential for me to create a piece of artwork that reflects the subject/s well. I really want to create a piece of art that you will love, so choosing the references is an important step and ideally you’ll send me several photos to chose from. I’m looking for a sense of character, nice lighting, being able to clearly see important physical features such as eyes. I can work from more than one reference, though I do like there to be a main one for the pose.

Please make sure that the image is a high resolution image and that the subject/s are large within the picture. (e.g. if you’d like a portrait of your horse, take images where its head fills the picture for the main reference rather than cropping a full body shot). The image should be in focus (use a tripod and good lighting to reduce blur) This should make sure I can see the necessary details. Natural light coming from one side works well, please do not use flash. Get down to the eye level of animals and children if they are the main subject.

I need to have explicit permission from the photographer to create artwork from their photo, so it is often easiest to use photographs taken by yourself or a co-operative family member or friend. If you live locally to me (Angus, Scotland), I may be able to arrange to take my own reference photographs. If the portrait is of a child, I would also like express permission from a parent or guardian to use their image.

Several factors affect how I price my work:

  • The size of the finished piece
  • The medium I use to create it
  • The number of people or animals I need to capture the likeness of
  • If the subject has intricate detail
  • If it has extras e.g. a complex background

When you contact me about ordering your original artwork, we’ll discuss what you have in mind, and I’d like to see the reference photographs that you’d like me to use. Once I know what you’d like, I’ll give you a quote for your picture.

If you are happy with the price, then I’ll add your project to my schedule and let you know when I am ready to start work on the final piece. At this point I’ll take a 40% deposit which is non-refundable. The balance will be due when you have seen a digital photograph of the finished work and your art will be posted to you once full payment is received.

Price Guidelines

These prices are to give you an idea of what to expect. I will give you a more accurate quote once we have discussed your painting.

Pastel Paintings

‘Brothers’ in Pastel (~11×16″)

At the moment my favourite medium to create art with is pastels. This is a dry medium but as you can see the result is definitely more like a painting than a drawing.

Pastels are vibrant and luminous, it is hard to capture this in photographs. I use several different artist quality brands of soft pastel, hard pastel and pastel pencils to create my pastel paintings.

Pastels need to be handled carefully, because they will smudge when touched even if a fixative has been used. They should be framed under glass.

These are prices are just a guide for a standard portrait and include a simple background. If your project is a bit different, I’d love to talk to you about it and give you a custom quote.

Subjects One Two Three
8" x 10" £100 £135 -
11" x 14" £135 £175 £215
16" x 20" £200 £245 £290
18" x 24" £230 £280 £330

Other Media

I am considering my pricing and increasing my portfolio of graphite portraits to be able to offer this as an option.

I enjoy expanding my skills and experimenting with other media. In future I plan to offer commissions in light-fast, artist quality coloured pencils and acrylic paint.

If you are especially interested in having your project completed in graphite, coloured pencils or acrylic paint, do let me know.

I can’t wait to hear about your project. There’s no charge for running your ideas past me or asking me if a particular reference would work well as a pastel painting, so do get in touch. I’ll email you back as soon as possible to discuss your painting.

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