In my work, I strive to capture a glimpse of the spirit of the individual or place. I’m drawn to natural subjects such as wildlife, landscapes and people.

I’d also love to help you create your own art by sharing my techniques and process.

 Quick Info

where I work

I live on the North East coast of Scotland in a town sandwiched between the sea and a tidal estuary basin.

The rhythms of the tide and seasons here are tangible. I love the sound of the geese migrating. There might be better places for wildlife artists to live but I reckon I’m pretty lucky.

Future Plans
  • Work Outdoors (plein air)
  • Explore other media:
    • Coloured pencils
    • Watercolours
    • Oils
  • Create art tutorials
  • Sketch from life regularly
  • Work Larger

  • Wildlife watching
  • Photography
  • Gardening and
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Cycling
  • Crochet
  • Becoming an Artist

    I discovered I was an artist when I became a mum. My family and friends were not surprised so perhaps I had been one all along. Although I have always enjoyed drawing, it wasn’t something I expected to do as a career. I pursued my love of nature through the sciences instead.

    At a group exhibition with "Montrose Basin at Sunset"
    At a group exhibition with “Montrose Basin at Sunset”


    Then I suffered from an extended period of depression and anxiety. This gave me time to noodle around with sketches but I lacked the confidence and drive to finish work, and surrounded by unfinished sketches, I didn’t think I was very good at art. Any skill I did have seemed lost.

    When I became pregnant, my mental health gradually got better and I became friends with other mums. When my son was 4 months old our group did a Secret Santa exchange.

    I decided to draw a graphite portrait of my recipient’s dog meeting her new baby. I enjoyed creating a finished piece and was really happy with the result. I created some more graphite portraits over the next couple of years but they took me a long time to complete.

    Then I discovered pastels. I loved their luminous colours and the speed at which I could create work. And seeing that speedy progress kept me more motivated to find time to draw. I haven’t looked back.